How to use our program

How to use our program.


First step to using our program is to go to our home page and click on the Register button.

This will open up the Registration window that looks like this.

Fill in your information and click on the Register Button at the bottom of the page.

After you click the Register Button, we will send you a verification link by email. This link is time sensitive and please check your email right away. Once you receive the verification link, click on it and you are now registered and you will be directed to the Log In screen.

Your user name is the email address and your password is the one you entered when you filled out your registration. Once you have filled in your information click on the Sign In button.

Site Configuration:

Once you have signed in for the first time click on the Site Configuration Tab. It is located at the tabs near the top of the page.

This is were you enter all your information that makes the program work for you.

Click on the Green button and a drop down window will appear. This is where you add your business name and the type of Animal you are breeding. Continue to do this all the way down your page until you have things set up. You can always go back to this page to add or change the settings. Except for the Sales Tax. If you have used it on a invoice you cannot change that Sales Tax information, but you can add a different tax if you would like.

This is also were you add your contracts, so you can print them when you need too. I have found that is you are using a Mac you can copy and paste them from a Word document but when you right cllick on your mouse to paste, click on the paste special. If you don’t do this it will paste a jpeg.

On the very bottom of the Site Configuration page you can also upload your logo and it will be printed on all your reports, invoices and pedigrees.

You are now set up and are ready to start adding your animals.

Before you go to another page or close the page click on the SAVED button or your work will not be saved.

Adult Animals:

Click on the Animal tab at the top of the page. This will open up your Animal page where you enter the information on your adults.

You can add your Animals two ways. You can import them from another program in a CSV file. When you click on the import CSV button there are directions on how to set up your file for import.

If you are not that good with computers and spreadsheets you can add your animals individually, but adding the information that is requested. Once you add your Animals information you can click on the Breeding, Health, Pedigree, and Breedings that have already occurred.  You can also list all the offspring that this Animal has had under the Breedingtab listed here.

Before you go to another page or close the page click on the SAVED button or your work will not be saved.


Go to the Adult Female page that is in season/heat and click on the Breeding tab on the females page.

Click on the New Breeding Cycle Record tab.

Fill in the information such as the Heat Date, Breeding Date, Sire, etc. There is also a place here to enter notes on things you might want to look back on.

Click on the SAVE button to save your work.


Once you have set the Successful space to Yes and click on the Saved button you will see at the bottom of the page that there is a button that says Generate Breedings. This is where you add your offspring to your program.

Add the number of offspring and the Date of Birth in the popup screen and hit confirm.

This is where you enter the information on your offspring. It says Pup1 here because this is how I set up my site configuration. You can change this to say whatever you would like here. Fill in all the information you would like on this screen. To add more information about the offspring such as Health, Pedigree, etc click on the little pencil that is under the word Edit. If you would like to see the pedigree of this litter you can click on the View Pedigree. Each offsprings information is on the pedigree Name, Sex, Microchip or Tattoo # etc.

Before you go to another page or close the page click on the SAVED button or your work will not be saved.


Click on the Pedigree tab at the top of the individual animals page. Here you can import your pedigrees from another program by clicking on Imports CSV file or you can add the animals individually. Click on the round circle and a drop down will drop with either set  or add new Animal. If you click on the word “set” all your Animals that you have entered in the program will be displayed. Click on the Animal that you would like to enter and then go to the next Animal.

If you click on the Add New Animal that will take you to a page to add the new Animals and then you can go back to the pedigree to add them. Don’t forget to save your page or the Animal will not be displayed.

Once you have entered all your Animals click on the report button on the top right of your window and this is what your pedigree will be displayed as in a PDF file.

Adding Contracts:

Click on the Contact Tab at the top of the page.

You can add Contacts two ways. You can import them as a CSV file if you are using another program. Direction will open when you click on the Import from CSV file. Or you can click on the Add Contact. Add your contact information in spaces provided.

Before you go to another page or close the page click on the SAVED button or your work will not be saved.

Once you have added your contacts this is what your contact page will look like. From here you can generate a sales report for any given time. This will also tell you the amount of Tax you have collected for any period of time.


Click on the financial tab at the top of the page. This will give you a drop down menu for Sales or Expenses.

Sales: Creating an Invoice.

Click on the Add New Button.  All your customers or contacts will be listed here on a drop down menu or you can add a new one from this page. If you add a new Contact make sure you hit the SAVED button.

Click on the name you would like to enter the sales information under. Enter an invoice number, The date of the sale, And a description of the sale. Then click on the New Sale Detail. This will open the details of your Invoice.

Under Category there is a drop down spot of things you can pick from. ( You add these categories under the Site Configuration tab.) then Enter a description of the sale.  Enter the Quantity, Cost and the Tax information. Your tax will be calculated automatically. Under the Animal title click on the Edit Button.

Clicking on the Edit button will open a pup up screen. Here is where you add what Animal you are selling and the Contract ( Entered under Site Configuration) This is important if you would like to have your Animals information on your Contract.

Fill in this information and click on the close button.

If you are selling something along with the offspring you can add another line to your invoice. When you are done click on the Saved button.

Print or Email Invoice: Also your Contract of Sale

On the right side of your screen there is a a Report Button. Click on this and it will open the invoice in a PDF file so you can print, email or save.

This is also where you will find your Contract that goes with this pups. When you have your Invoice open and you have set the Edit button to have a contract. It is there with your Invoice in PDF.

To Enter a payment:

You will noticed under the Edit Invoice words there is a payment tab. Click on the payment. Enter your information of your payment and Click on the SAVED button. To see your invoice again go back to the Sale tab beside the payment tab and click on report. Your balance owning or will also show on your contract.


Click on the Expense tab that drops down from the Financial tab.

Click on the Add New tab.

Enter the general information and then click on the Add Expense Detail. Select the Category (Added under site Configuration) Add your details here and your tax and hit save. Your payment has been recored.

To get your Expense Report click on the sales tab at the top of the page. Click on the Generate Expense Report. Enter your dates and your report will be created.