The Breeder’s Butler: Breeders Management Software.

A complete web based breeder’s solution for dogs, cats, horses or any other species of animal, that manages all of your animal information, pedigrees, contracts and your  finances.

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What The Breeder’s Butler can do for you:

Animal information

  • Heath, Pedigree, Heats, Breeding and offspring with reports for all
  • A place to add pictures, documents and notes
  • All reports are generated to PDFs, which can be saved, emailed, or printed
  • All information is easy to edit


  • Individual offspring information
  • Pedigree information
  • Health records and vaccination information
  • Add pictures and documents
  • Print, Email, or save all reports from PDFs

Contract Management

  • All contracts are professional looking with your company logo
  • Sales, Stud and Lease Contracts
  • Easy upload to the program


  • User defined categories for sales and expenses
  • User defined tax code setup (2 level)
  • Records and prints expenses and sales by category, as well as 2 levels of sales taxes
  • Reports filtered by:
    • Date range
    • Category
    • Customer/Vendor
    • Sales Tax
  • Easy to edit if mistakes happen
  • All reports can be saved, emailed, or printed

The Breeder’s Butler allows you to import the following data from other programs using a delimited file so you will be up and running in no time.

  • Contacts
  • Animal records
  • Pedigree links

This will be the last breeding software you will ever use.

The Breeder’s Butler is a web-based application with the following features:

  • Designed for use on:
    • Desktops (PC, Mac and others)
    • Tablets and phones (iOS, Android and Windows Mobile)
  • Works best on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browsers
  • Your data is secured by banking-quality encryption

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